Thursday, July 19, 2012

because we can't save the beach

Entering something in the youth exhibit at the county fair was kind of a requirement at our house this year so C and I went down the list looking for a category we could pull something together in quickly. Entering was a requirement you see but planning ahead not so much.
Anyway, we found a category titled "10 Things that Do Not Belong on the Beach."
"Easy," we agreed.
"We could go down to Old Silver around 6 or 7 PM." I suggested.
"I bet we could find ten things in ten minutes!"
Alas we were wrong.
We found ten things in less than two minutes.
At the end of the day Old Silver was disgusting. There was trash everywhere and what's worse - there were people still on the beach, plenty of them, all navigating their way around the trash to get down to the water.
Ugh. Who cleans that up? The lifeguards? The DPW? I assume a fleet of someones are out there at 6AM before the beach opens (no wonder we have to close the beaches it at night), no way I'd pay $20 to park there and sun myself among the remains of someone's upturned trash can.
Here are some of our shots from the night. I have to assume every night is more of the same. We did not photograph the dirty diaper, the cigarette butt, or the used prophylactic (technically that was in the beach parking lot).


  1. I hate seeing people litter!!

    I especially hate it when they throw it out of their cars or drop it on the ground when it could easily be tossed in one of the many available trash receptacles.

    Seeing trash littered in public recreation areas (beaches, parks, etc) is so saddening.

  2. Agreed. This beach is less than a mile from my house and hugely popular. I don't know who cleans it up at night or first thing in the morning but it's sad that someone has to.

  3. Wow, that is just awful. It makes me mad that people are so lazy to just drop their trash wherever it falls. How hard could it be to put it in a trash can?? Evidently pretty hard. It is probably someone's job to do it, but pretty disheartening to think people are so lazy and such pigs they can't clean up after themselves. Very enlightening post.


  4. It's totally disheartening. I'm amazed at the stuff people leave behind. Not just trash but real stuff - beach toys, flip flops, sunglasses, beach blankets. It really drives home the point that we live in a throw away society. After I posted this our local paper actually ran a story about the excess of liter on this particular beach this summer. I guess it's the job of the lifeguards to clean the beaches in the morning and the DPW cleans the parking lots. It's doesn't seem right that people we are entrusting with saving our lives we've also saddling with cleaning up garbage.
    Ugh. I am getting worked up all over again.